Horizon Paintball is proud to offer you the best paintball game zones in the country. Our game zones are frequently mistaken for Hollywood film sets and feature two-storey fortresses, giant stone pyramids, double-decker buses and a host of military vehicles, artillery and aircraft. We have a host of different scenarios that vary from centre to centre, and are constantly updated to offer you the ultimate in combat simulation in a fun, safe and varied environment.

Here is a selection of some of the many amazing game zones that Horizon Paintball has to offer:

Tomb Raider

Negotiate your way through sphinxes and seize the prized statue from inside the heart of the giant stone Pyramid before the other team gets there before you!

Zombies’ Crypt

The Crypt is home to an ancient holy book, located high upon the Crypt’s altar. The Zombies are wreaking havoc and can only be defeated by removing the holy book from the crypt and returning it to where the Zombies came from!

Vietcong Village

A hostile takeover situation is forming deep within the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. You must seize control of the village huts one by one and hold your position against the enemy until back up arrives.

Castle Wallenberg

The Gestapo has almost been defeated, although a small number have retreated to the Bavarian forest to occupy the ominous two-storey fortress that is Castle Wallenberg. You and your elite team have been assembled to defeat the Nazis, take control of Castle Wallenberg and restore peace and order back to Europe.

Black Hawk Down

Radio reports indicate that a friendly Black Hawk helicopter has been brought down deep into enemy territory and the survivors are calling for help. Your mission is to fight your way through enemy lines and rescue the downed helicopter team before it’s too late.

Pablo Escobar’s Jungle Airstrip

On a private airstrip deep within the Columbian jungle, an evil drug lord and his henchmen are loading deadly cargo onto light aircraft. Months of surveillance has finally paid off and this is the last chance to capture the fugitive and bring him to justice…but he’s not going to go down without a fight.

What awaits you at Horizon Paintball is not just a great day out but an action packed, high adrenaline and challenging experience you will remember for the rest of your life! Each paintball centre has its own well-equipped basecamp that comes with open air and covered seating areas, lockers, flushing toilets, an on-site shop, tea and coffee making facilities and spectator viewing areas

Latest Paintball News

Welcome to the brand new Horizon Paintball website! Horizon Paintball is dedicated to bringing the ultimate paintball experience at the most competitive prices to everyone in the UK. The majority of paintball operators in the UK charge £9.99 per person for half a day of paintball or £14.99 per person for a full day, with nothing else included in the cost except entry to the centre and equipment rental. For a short time only, Horizon Paintball is offering a full day of paintball including entry, equipment hire and 50 paintballs for only £13.99 per person!

Horizon Paintball is renowned as the UK’s number one paintball agency and as such we try to bring you the best quality paintball experience from the biggest names in commercial paintball. At Horizon Paintball, we’re proud to boast that 95% of the population lives within a 60 minute drive from one of the many top quality paintball centres in our network.

If you or anyone you know would like to experience the ultimate paintball adrenalin rush at one of the UK’s top paintball centres, give Horizon Paintball a call on 0844 477 5024* and one of our friendly event coordinators will be ready to take your call and tailor a paintball event to suit your requirements.